Helping Patients
Overcome Chronic Pain

“My mission is to help you achieve the best balance possible and live pain free, restoring your flexibility and dexterity as closely as possible to the way it was when you were younger.”

-Dr. Michael Izquierdo

Your journey to health and wellness begins here…


Holistic Chiropractor Cleveland OH

Do you love and hate your chiropractor?

If you love them for the instant relief you get, but hate chronic pain that forces you to see them over and over, it’s time to stop that vicious cycle!chiropractor lakewood ohio

Dr. Mike, a Cleveland OH Chiropractor, believes the secret to consistent relief is to focus on the root cause of why it hurts, not where it hurts. He sees patients in the Cleveland/Akron/ Lakewood area, beyond Northeast Ohio, and even from out of state.

Patients come from all walks of life and include athletes, seniors, children, and pregnant women.

Don’t suffer any longer than you have to from back pain, sciatic, neck pain, pain from injuries, disc issues, headaches, sinus, neuropathy and/or knee pain.

If you’re an athlete (student, professional, dedicated amateur or even a weekend warrior) you’ll discover that his innovative neurological balancing techniques will help you get into flow, reduce pain and decrease your chances of injury.

His techniques are effective where others fall short. Patients who have searched in vain for relief elsewhere find the help they need because Dr. Mike zeroes in on the underlying cause.

It’s a wonderful feeling to walk out of your chiropractor’s office feeling loose and pain free, but if you have to go back for the same correction over and over, you are out of balance!

Chronic Pain Patients: Don’t just GET out of the pain, STAY out of the pain!

Dr Mike works with you to delve deeply into your body’s natural healing power. This starts by taking a close look at your symptoms and assessing layers of defensive muscle contractions and compensations that have built up, often over many years.

Dr Mike then personalizes the approach specifically to your body. At each session he will go deeper, balancing and releasing layer after layer.

Each layer released will bring you more freedom and greater relief from chronic pain. His treatments are superior to traditional chiropractic adjustments because they retool the nervous system which strengthens the body.

Chiropractic and Supplements

Dr Mike is a nationally board-certified clinical nutritionist who for many years would suggest a variety of supplements to his patients based on kinesiological assessment.

Now, instead of relying on nutritional supplements to “fix” the body, he first works to balance the nervous system.

Getting the body out of a defensive mode reduces the amount of nutrients it is often forced to “burn through” in order to try and maintain a balanced nervous system.

Dr. Mike Wrote the Book on Getting rid of Pain!

  • If you are a chronic pain sufferer this book will help you understand what to look for in a practitioner.
  • If you’re a practitioner you’ll learn what you can do in order to help your patients or clients regain a level of comfort they may have been missing for years or even decades.
  • If you’re a sports trainer or coach, the information in this book can make all the difference in the world to the health of your clients.

What Patients Are Saying

After many years of back and shoulder pain, it took one session I felt relief thanks Dr. Mike.
Vilmarie Aponte
Doctor Mike is one of the most innovative holistic healer + chiropractor of his time. He is very personable and he will work through many energetic muscle tests to find a solution to make you feel whole once again.
Susan Lenart Kazmer
After seeing Dr. Mike I couldn't believe the difference he made, and so quickly. I was extremely impressed with his vast knowledge of how the body is connected - physically, emotionally, nutritionally, and energetically
Charlene Parker L.M.T.