About Dr. Mike

Dr. Michael Izquierdo

The practice of chiropractic is a process of self-healing and self-discovery. I entered the profession to help and heal people at the deepest possible level. This passion is what fuels all the work I do.

Rather than simply controlling symptoms alone, I use a functional approach, which means that I work with you to see your body as a whole.

We don’t simply work to stop uncomfortable symptoms, such as pain; we want to understand the root cause(s).

Dr. Michael Izquierdo has worked with hundreds of patients. He is the official chiropractor for the Cleveland Gladiators.[/caption]

Together, we delve into the deeper healing that may naturally help problems to subside.

It starts by taking a close look at the constellation of symptoms. 

To address problems we uncover, I personalize an approach for you. These are some of the tools I commonly use:

Unique chiropractic adjustments

Targeted adjustments affect the nervous system in specific ways to foster your healing. Different from traditional chiropractic adjustments by retooling the nervous system while strengthening the body and its connective tissues.

Nutritional support

Gives the body minerals, bio-available collagen and any nutritional elements it lacks as it seeks its own healing. It’s imperative that your body’s digestion functions properly for optimal health.

Neurological consideration

Stops the near constant release of stress hormones so the body can heal. When pathways and communication channels between the brain and body are open and clear, the nervous system will not needlessly tire out the body.

If you’re in pain, always tired or have chronic discomfort, don’t settle. Come and see me for an evaluation