About Dr. Mike

“I have always known I was supposed to help people, and I also always knew it would be through the use of my hands… I fell in love with the idea that through the use of one’s hands, a doctor could release the deep and innate self-healing power we all possess inside of us.”

Dr. Mike Izquierdo

Education and Training

Dr Mike Izquierdo graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles in 2005.

About Dr. Mike IzquierdoDr. Mike is Nationally Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition through the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.

Dr. Mike strives to work with innovators in the study of the human body’s structure and function. He received his training in Applied Kinesiology from one of its founding members‚ Dr. Dan Duffy. Sr. Applied Kinesiology defines and sustains health through the maintenance of a dynamic balance between the body’s‚ structural integrity, its mental/emotional state, and the chemical/nutritional state.

He has a deep admiration for his mentor, Dr. Alan R. Bonebrake (TX, USA). Dr. Bonebrake has the ability to explain neurology in a different and practical way, and he discovered that the same reflexes used to assess body function could be utilized in neurological balance and pain remediation. Through this novel education, Dr. Mike has been able to synthesize multiple medical and neurological textbooks and take healing to a higher level that even he did not anticipate.

What to Expect

Rather than simply controlling symptoms alone, Dr. Mike uses a functional approach, which means that he sees your body as a whole. He approaches healing with the intention of providing individualized care to each patient. Dr. Mike has vowed to practice at the highest possible level and make it a personal mission to continually search for, study and utilize whatever methods or techniques provide the greatest opportunity to treat his patients’ conditions from the deepest level of cause.

Sessions with Dr. Mike can include:

Unique chiropractic adjustments: Targeted adjustments affect the nervous system in specific ways to foster your healing -different from traditional chiropractic adjustments by retooling the nervous system while strengthening the body and its connective tissues.

Neurological consideration: Stopping the near constant release of stress hormones so the body can heal. When pathways and communication channels between the brain and body are open and clear, the nervous system will not needlessly tire out the body.

Nutritional support: To give the body minerals, bio-available collagen and any nutritional elements it lacks as it seeks its own healing. It’s imperative that your body’s digestion functions properly for optimal health.


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