Balancing Your Nervous System

Balancing Your Nervous System – It All Begins Here

If you have been seeing a chiropractor for years who keeps doing the same adjustments over and over again, only to give you temporary relief, it’s probably time to find a new doctor.

Dr. Mike has a deep understanding of body movement and the relationship between the tissues that bring form and structure to the body.

His methods are designed to bring stability to the body and his finely tuned adjustments can help the nervous system feel safer and progressively more balanced. This helps the body open up to healing successively deeper layers.

Key to stabilizing the body is the Serola Belt, which Dr. Mike recommends to the majority of his patients. An unstable foundation in the hips may lead to pain in other parts of the body including the low back, neck or knees. Your hips are the foundation for your skeletal structure, so stabilizing them is key to balancing the body, calming the nervous system, and reducing pain.

This product works simply, but extremely effective. The Serola Belt brings the stability you need to the base of the spine and hips. This increases strength throughout your back, hips, and legs. It also reduces the chance of injury during work or play, because your body comes into better balance.

The belt is breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and washable.

For details plus information on how to wear the Serola Belt, see Dr. Mike’s blog article here

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Small Serola Belt fits 30” to 34” hips
Medium Serola Belt fits 34” to 40” hips
Large Serola Belt fits 40” to 46” hips
XL Serola Belt fits 46” to 52” hips

Watch the below demonstration of using the belt properly


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Dr. Mike Recommends the Serola Belt!

serola belt

Get Your Belt Today!
Small Serola Belt fits 30″ to 34″ hips
Medium Serola Belt fits 34″ to 40″ hips
Large Serola Belt fits 40″ to 46″ hips
XL Serola Belt fits 46″ to 52″ hips

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