Balancing Your Nervous System

Balancing the Nervous System

At this stage of your journey to a pain free life, you’ve had a chiropractic assessment, your nervous system has been stabilized and now it’s time to balance your nervous system.

One of the main issues stopping you from reaching your health goals is that your nervous system is protecting you from some threat it thinks is out there.

Just like the layering of an onion or the Russian doll pictured below, one or two stressful events often creates a situation where the body tightens in order to protect itself.

Then that tightness remains and as a broken record, it takes less and less trauma to trigger a tighter and tighter emergency state of continual contraction.

That is the main reason, people get tighter and tighter as we age.

Like the ever deeper layers of an onion, every trauma or imbalance is met by a proportional tightness.

Observe the picture of the Russian Doll below. The original imbalance is represented by the tiny doll pictured on the right. In order to maintain the best balance possible to survive that trauma, the body tightens.

This is represented by the second doll. As the first doll get covered by a second slightly bigger doll, that second doll gets covered and compensated by a third then a fourth. 

What chiropractors, as well as most traditional doctors, physical therapists and athletic trainers do not realize is that by merely treating the presenting chief complaint, you will not get to the root cause of what created the problem in the first place. 

Often times the nagging pain people complain about comes from the original imbalance represented by the first tiny doll creating the “snow-ball” effect.

Attending and relieving the places that are obviously tight and painful must be done.

However, to stop there and proclaim success is as you can now see, short-sighted. 

Often the obvious external pain and in chiropractic the “bone out of place” is the nervous system’s last desperate attempt to hold the best possible.

When that bone is put back into place, the patient will walk out with less pain and more movement, however, it will and does come back.

That is why many people speak ill of chiropractic care.

They are stuck always having to come back so their chiropractor can drive that nagging bone “back into place.”

Not only is this situation both painful and frustrating for the public, since many chiropractors do not know about this layering concept, they use this opportunity to sell patients on the idea that they will probably suffer from this condition for the rest of their lives.

Thus their only option is to sign up for continued care, where “they come in, when their bones are out.” 

I am not against pain relief, however once you realize the true cause, patients have to know what is going on so that they can make the best choice for themselves.

Look within yourself.

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If you see a chiropractor who has been putting the same bone or set of bones back into place for years now, you might want to do a re-evaluation. 

When the body is first stabilized then adjusted correctly, then the nervous system starts to feel ever more safe and progressively more balanced.

Almost like magic their bodies change and suddenly the deeper compensations it was forced to make weeks, months or even years in the past suddenly surface to then be cleared away.

Essentially the inner dolls rise up to the surface and are progressively cleared.  This is much like balancing the nervous system!

Once I learned how to strip away layer after layer, I finally felt what they proclaimed they trained us to do in chiropractic college.

That is being an authentic “nervous system doctor.” 

I tell my patients all the time, I will never heal you.  Together we will work on balancing your nervous system out and stripping away its layers to regain the best balance possible.

I never heal you – You heal you!

It is one thing to talk about this, it is another thing to see the layers in real life.

Please tune into my YouTube channel for a live demonstration.