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It is normal to be tight after a workout. However, during the night, your body should recover and you should wake up relaxed and rejuvenated. If, upon awakening, you find you just can’t shake off the tightness, it is time to address and rebalance your nervous system.

Beyond tightness, see if any of these other nervous system imbalance symptoms sound familiar to you:

  • Your coordination or balance is off- even slightly, and no amount of training or drills bring you that sense of confidence in your performance you enjoyed in the past
  • Stretching before exercise previously was just something you did, and now is it something you HAVE to do
  • You used to have massages just for the pleasure of the experience, but now you feel like you really NEED them to work out your knots
  • You’re frustrated by frequent injuries you used to just shake off
  • You don’t feel like you’re fully present during a game, there’s a lack of flow

If any of the above apply, and you’re ready to get to the root of the issue, it’s time to see Dr. Mike!

An imbalanced nervous system is especially problematic for athletes because it can lead to needless errors and even injury.


Dr. Mike

Every physical exertion or traumatic hit an athlete takes burdens and unbalances the nervous system. The stronger and more adaptable the nervous system, the easier and faster the athlete can bounce back.

The inability to bounce back is the true cause behind uncharacteristic play and the unusual injuries seen today that take players out of commission for long periods of time.

These players are stuck in Fight, Flight, Freeze (FFF) constraining the nervous system, and this affects their minds and bodies.

In Dr. Mike’s own words, here’s what is really happening:

“The reason so many top-tier athletes are frequently injured today is that they are playing tight. When their nervous systems are stuck in FFF, their defended minds continually contract muscles in much the same way a cobra constricts before striking.

Strong and conditioned muscles naturally hold a tightened tone. However, there is a huge difference between competing when the nervous system is stuck in FFF and muscles are continually engaged, versus when muscles are allowed to rest and reset before the next engagement.”

In sports and in life, if you are giving everything you possibly can to achieve your goal and still coming up short it is time to stop and reassess. You might have to tweak something to get you back on track and finally achieve whatever it is that you set out to accomplish.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

Realizing true success comes from first making a sound plan, then powering through. However there’s one important consideration that must be stated, and that is: without the ability to change course and adapt, that success may not last. Nervous system balancing allows the body and mind to open up to all possibilities.

Dr. Mike may have just the answer you need:

A calm nervous system naturally allows muscles and fascia to gain a higher level of elasticity. With greater elasticity the body can better bend without breaking. When a body perceives greater safety, it has a better chance of moving into flow. When the nervous system is calm and the body is elastic, there exists a general sense of wellness within the nervous system that instills deep confidence that he/she can make a play without getting hurt, or with minimal consequences.

The more stress that is relieved, the better the nervous system works. The better it works, the easier it is to enter and maintain flow.

If you are an athlete, coach, trainer, or agent and want to talk with Dr. Mike more about healing your body, schedule a Chiropractic treatment today!

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