Helping Chronic Pain Patients in the Lakewood, OH Area

Chronic Pain Patients in the Lakewood, OH area: Don’t just GET out of pain, STAY out of pain!

If you find yourself going to a chiropractor or bodyworker who performs the same procedure at every visit- only to have the same pain return or no improvement in range of motion- then you are stuck in a “quick fix” pain model. The person you are seeing for help has not gotten to the root of the problem, because if they had, your pain would be significantly diminished or gone.

Dr Mike specializes in restoring function. This means his work goes beyond the common quick fix, which can fade in hours, days or weeks.

By bringing your nervous system into balance, pain can be relieved. This alone helps the body to become more responsive to chiropractic restructuring, encouraging it to remain in a more appropriate position for a longer period of time. Succeeding adjustments can then go deeper, freeing up underlying areas of pain that can be built up over weeks or even years.

You will find that you need fewer adjustments in the long run, because the ones you get are more beneficial.

The human body is a miraculous creation capable of amazing abilities. Dr Mike resolves chronic pain issues by stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself. By bringing your nervous system into balance, pain can be relieved.

In Dr. Mike’s own words, here is the “secret” to his success with patients:

Through the miracle of life, DNA develops each one of us from one cell formed at conception to living breathing individuals comprised of billions of cells all working together under the direction of the brain and nervous system in less than one year.

I like to remind patients that if they were once capable of such transformation, the same wonder and intelligence is still alive within them.

This very power can once again be harnessed to now make huge healing changes within their bodies. That mind reframe gives them hope that they do not need to resign themselves to a life of pain.

The power within the body called the nervous system which keeps the heart pumping and the lungs breathing is the same power that can heal.

Open your mind towards a new possibility.

Balance is everything for your nervous system and body. The more out of balance you are, the more your nervous system has to keep muscles continually firing and locked down.

This is the root of your pain.

* When you walk out of your chiropractor’s office feeling loose and pain free, that is wonderful.

If you have to continually come back for the same correction, YOU ARE OUT OF BALANCE!

*Disclaimer: when it comes to medically diagnosed diseases, the above rule does not apply. However, Dr. Mike does not want you to assume that pain is an unavoidable consequence of age. Additionally, if your pain is the result of injury, it is imperative that the nervous system be calmed in order for you to experience relief, no matter how long ago the event occurred.