Patient Testimonials

What Patients Have to Say?

“For almost ten years now, I have known Dr. Mike Izquierdo. During the course of these years I have faced the obstacles of a sacral spinal fracture, an over the counter medicine causing dangerous side effects to my organs, lymphatic and adrenal fatigue, and the effects of stress. I can honestly say that I don’t know where my body or I would be without Dr. Mike. I have watched my body through his guidance come to balance, heal itself, and find an overall better quality of life. Dr. Mike is a genuine, caring, and tremendously talented holistic doctor. I continue to learn from him and use this knowledge and experience in my own practice. I highly recommend taking the time to see him…it will change your life. “
Founder of Wholistic Healing in Northfield, Ohio
“I began seeing Dr. Mike in 2013 when I was pregnant. I was having migraines, nausea, and overall body aches (some of them chronic from old injuries). I had been practicing in the healing arts for over 10 years and thought I knew a lot. After seeing Dr. Mike I couldn't believe the difference he made, and so quickly. I was extremely impressed with his vast knowledge of how the body is connected - physically, emotionally, nutritionally, and energetically. I had never felt better in my entire life... and I was pregnant. I live an hour away from his office, and it was (and continues to be) worth every minute of the drive. My body's chemistry is completely different now. I had always struggled to stay fit, my periods were hit or miss, and I was not having bowel movements on a daily. Now, both my menstrual cycle and digestive system are finally regular, and my metabolism has never been better. My chronic tension/pain spots have dissipated also which I thought would just be there forever, or show up again when my body was stressed. Even being a massage therapist myself, I just thought I'd just have to continually deal with the trauma incurred there. Dr. Mike is not just a chiropractor, he is a facilitator of healing that will help get you back to balance and wholeness. There have been times when he didn't even use chiropractic treatment to realign me, because he follows his intuition and guidance along with his knowledge to restore balance. He does not push supplements, and he truly doesn't want you to have to keep coming back. .”
Charlene Parker L.M.T.
“I live in Montebello, California. I had a bicycle accident in March, I told my co-worker that my body was hurting all over. she told me about The Serola Belt, how it had help her with her pain. she let me borrow it for few days, in those days I notice that my pain and discomfort had decrease, also my bunion on my left toe did not hurt. I decide to order my Serola Belt and within a few days I got my belt. I am currently sharing the belt with my mother in-law because she has complaint about leg pain.”
Nicolas Duran
“As a classically trained Pilates Instructor, I was surprised when Dr. Mike demonstrated that when deep stress patterns are removed from your abdominal muscles, my abdominals were not as strong as had expected. I never imagined my nervous system locked in that amount of stress. I was surprised that for the longest time my abdominals were functioning in a weakened state. After Dr. Mike brought this SURPRISING weakness to the surface, he showed me how to properly and easily reset them so that my abdominals fired properly, and in the manner that Joseph Pilates intended. I've practiced this on my clients, and with that simple modification, my clients seem more connected to their powerhouse. Through Dr. Mike's instruction, I am able to provide my clients not only with the highest quality authentic Pilates but also an advanced form of nervous system rebalancing.”
Monica Nagle