Proper Movement

The final stage or step in this journey is all about the Proper Movement.

My clients always ask me how long treatment takes and I always tell them it depends on how long the problem has been there.

Once you get it right, the person progressively feels better and more in control of their bodies.

The key is that different symptoms will surface along the healing process. At first some patients express concern about this, because they think that they are getting worse, because now they are dealing with a new symptom.

At that point I have them sit down and think if they ever experienced any symptoms like they are currently feeling. 9 times out of 10 they had those symptoms years ago, and forgot all about them.

They ASSUMED that their body simply healed itself and moved past that.

Sadly, that is not what I have witnessed in practice.

Many conditions we had in the past have not been healed as much as the nervous system decided to bury for the body’s survival.

Not to worry, once these conditions come up, they usually never as intense as the original trauma.

Thankfully they last for only one or two days and they then go away naturally. It is not so much a relieving of previous traumas as it is a clearing old injuries and imbalances that were never completely healed.

That is why I keep on reinforcing the fact that once the system regains balance, it regains its ability to self-regulate. Self-regulation the opens the door to self-healing.

Most people with low back pain feel better within one week.

Within three weeks it is barely noticeable, and within 3 months gone for good. 

Instead of chiropractors selling patients on the concept of long-term care for problems they must come  to accept as their burden for the rest of their lives.

I help the body to heal itself as much as it can do, based upon age, previous traumas and surgeries.

How they have eaten is also a factor. Continually eating fast foods and from boxes and cans, the healing takes longer. 

The good news is that most are so happy with their more long-term result. Later, I instruct them to note when they all of a sudden become tight and restricted. If though self-stretching, exercise, and even a massage this new tightness does not go away, then it is time to come on in because something has happened to cause their nervous system to lose balance and a bit of control.  

I encourage patients to please refer in as many patients they can so I can help them get their lives back and live the way they desire. I firmly stand by what one of my mentors told me once. He said if you truly help people to heal, then they are freed up to do what their heart and soul call them to do. 

We all have a gift to give this world. However, it is almost impossible to do what you are supposed to do when your nervous system is in a state of continual struggle for survival, and you are in pain. Once people get their lives back, they can do what they are meant to do and the world becomes a better place.  

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