Sciatica Pain Relief Cleveland OH

As a Chiropractor in the Cleveland OH area, I treat many patients that suffer with Sciatica Pain. The difference between me and other Chiropractors is the fact that I get down to the root of your back pain and help your body heal itself. 

Bare with me as I explain how I’ve helped thousands of patients overcome and even get rid of their sciatica pain altogether.  

New and revolutionary approach to not just relieve your pain, but to finally resolve your sciatica and all other low back pain.  

Interesting Facts About Sciatica


Fact 1: Your pain – however horrible – results from your nervous system locking and cramping specific parts of your body to keep you from falling forward on your face.

Fact2 : Your nervous system’s number one priority is to keep the best balance possible.

Medical doctors evaluate this balance by checking your vital signs. Your pulse, respiration, and blood pressure all reflect how well your inside world adjusts to the outside environment.

When you go from walking to running, your heart rate and breathing speed up. When you calm down, these and other vital signs slow down.

In medicine this metabolic balance is called homeostasis.

Fact 3: The same balancing rules which control your metabolism regulate how you stand, move, walk and run within the Earth’s gravitational field.

As humans we are the only mammals that balance and walk on two feet.

When the mammalian brain gets stressed, or threatened it automatically curls in on itself to protect our vital organs.

Recall how a terrified cat arches its back directly upward, or how a scared dog cowers and curls its tail between its legs. We do the same thing when our nervous system gets scared, stressed or tired.

Our abdominal muscles tighten, and our head and shoulders roll forward. This unfortunately causes our entire body to curl in on itself like a boxer in the corner of the ring taking body blows.

Like the scared cat and dog, we also get locked into forward tight positions in order to protect our vital organs.

The main problem humans have is that we stand on two feet, while all other mammals maintain better overall balance on four paws.

All forms of stress trigger the human body to regress into this awkward curled and defended forward position. Now we are out of balance with gravity.   

Fact 4: The moment the nervous system over activates the front muscles to protect our insides from attack, it must now equally over activate the muscles on the back part of our bodies with the same intensity to both keep the best balance possible and not have us fall forward.

The tragedy of these Sciatica Facts:

Most if not all people with back of the head headaches, upper and lower neck pain, tight shoulders, and all types of back pain (including sciatica) all suffer from bodies locked in forward curled survival body positions.

Think about it, if you were not in some way out of balance and falling forward, nothing would force your nervous system to activate and lock up multiple muscles on the back of your body to keep you from falling forward. 

Unfortunately, this crucial point is either missed, or misunderstood by most medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and many other professional bodyworkers.

As a result, when X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s and other imaging and diagnostic tests point out where damaged areas lie, you are only getting half the picture.

What you see and what must be treated is the damage from your body having to continually hold and live from an unbalanced body position.

Within the medical world, you will be given muscle relaxers and encouraged to do physical therapy to strengthen that area.

When that doesn’t work, other options like cortisone shots or procedures to deaden the nerve are employed.

The final solution surgery.  

In my world of chiropractic, once an X-ray is taken and examined the patient is then encouraged to sign up for multiple visits of chiropractic adjustment sessions where stressed bones and joints are “popped” or adjusted back into place.

Ask yourself this. What is missing? What is the four ton elephant in the room that nobody is talking about?

What benefits are any of the above procedures going to be to relieve your pain, if after pain pills, injections, exercise, surgery, or chiropractic “pops,” if after short term relief your body is still out of balance with gravity?

The moment you stand or sit too long, attempt to pick up something heavy or do any sustained exercise, your pain will return. Why?

You are still out of balance against gravity!

Dr. Mike’s functional neurological approach goes above and beyond classic chiropractic evaluation and treatment.

You will receive all the benefits of chiropractic treatments with the added advantage of finally determining where the true root of your imbalance lies.

When treated focuses on restoring function at deep-seated level of cause many problems and pain in short time disappear and do not come back.

The healing magic of this functional neurological approach come not from Dr. Mike directly, but in his ability to finally determine and uncover where your structure is weak and compromised.

Once that is addressed and restored, then the healing power of your own body is able to finally move away from continually protecting you to now healing you.

People forget the awesome power their bodies have within them to heal themselves.

Whats never addressed is that your nervous system’s number one mandate is to survive. When the body is out of balance, it is stuck in a continuous state of survival.

This means do whatever it takes to survive right now, and still keep up defenses. To the extent you move it out of survival, like magic, your nervous system regroups, reorganizes and allows long term changes to finally be made bringing with it a new balance and the ability to repair itself health and vitality.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Mike and experience for yourself what your body is truly capable to achieve.

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