After your initial assessment it’s time to begin the stabilization process. This is not your normal Chiropractic visit. As your Lakewood, OH Holistic Chiropractor we will be focusing on stabilizing your nervous system which is at the core of allowing your body to heal itself. 

When the nervous system feels in anyway threatened, the abdominal muscle tightens, the head and shoulders move forward and the body takes on the traditional curled “C” shape.

On the one hand this is great to protect the vital organs, however on the other hand the human body that has to stand as upright as possible in order to correctly balance and move on their feet within the gravitation field of our planet Earth.  

As you will come to know, when it comes to survival our nervous systems will always find a way.

When the nervous system feels threatened it will continually hold some form of the tight “C” posture, however, in order to move the only option left is to activate the muscles of the back to act as a counter-weight. 

What is crucial to understand is where you see tight muscles on the front, you WILL HAVE tight back muscles.

It is elementary, you can not have one without the other.

That is the paradox most chiropractors do not even know is at play below the surface, and why I wrote earlier that 9 times out of 10 when it comes to low back pain, “You never have what you think you got.”

The painful muscles on the back of the body are simply your keeping you from falling on your face. 

Prove it to yourself right now.

Stick your leg out in front of you and tighten that muscle. Bet you can’t hold it for more than 30 seconds without it beginning to cause you pain.

If  your leg hurts from the continual contraction, why should it be any different for your back muscles that are forced to continually contract to counter-balance you?

Here’s the thing.

Chiropractors are not wrong in adjusting the bones of the spine which inflict continual pressure on the multiple nerves exiting from the spine.

Orthopedic surgeons are not wrong of operating on the back when problem have gotten so bad, “cutting” is your only option. 

Physical therapists and athletic trainers are not wrong in prescribing rehabilitation exercises for those muscles who in reality stuck in a continual state of squeezed exhaustion.

Stretching or exercising drained muscles actually wakes them up and regenerates them for a few hours. Sadly, it is only for a few hours.

That is why they continually need to do the rehab exercises, or else the pain and tightness come back. Lastly, massage just feels great on sore muscles. 

The criteria you must keep at the very forefront of your mind is this.

If you participate in whatever therapy you chose and do the exercise as directed, you should see continual progress to the point that you no longer need to do them.

At that point, as long as you move well and do some sort of exercise you should be free of that chronic pain. If on the other hand, the only way you any relief at is too continually to some stretching (Yoga included) or your rehab exercises, you are suffering from the above condition. 

The point of writing this is that if doctors , therapists or practitioners do not know how to precisely neurologically test the nervous system for the root cause triggering the nervous system to protect itself, then they will unfortunately be relegated to dealing with the consequences of what the body has to do to hold the best standing and moving balance possible for Earth’s gravity. 

Speaking as a chiropractor, we unwittingly have earned that negative reputation of  “Don’t go to a chiropractor, because you will never stop having to go.”

Personally, I hated hearing and acknowledging the truth of that criticism.

Its sad because many practice management groups spin this truth so we wear it a badge of honor, and proclaim to the public that although a person ages and the pain of aging is tearing them down, chiropractic adjustments can take the pain of your decline away for a limited time.

Then they sell the maintenance care model that to stay on top of their declining body, lifetime chiropractic care is the only option.  Even though some parts of that are true the foundational premise is wrong. 

Your body can heal itself.

You just have to make the situation correct for the healing powers of your nervous system to have a chance. 

If month after month and year after year your chiropractor has to adjust the same bone segment or group of segments, then you are NOT being treated at the level of cause.

The level of cause is what started your problem, and unless that problem is corrected at its source, you will need the continual level of maintenance care you are currently stuck in. 

This in no way is a knock against chiropractic care.

I love what I do.

However, in discovering the way to strip away all the levels of compensatory muscle contractions your nervous system activates to keep the best balance possible, It would be a disservice to humanity if I did not share this information with those ready to not only be open to this message. 

You have the power deep within you to heal yourself.

However the only way that to be truly released is to calm and move your nervous system out of its chronic fight/flight survival patterns. 

These are not false claims. I never heal but rather I help your body to heal itself. Everything I said up to now I can back up. Go to my YouTube channel______ and see for yourself how your body holds and hides stress, and how layers of survival can be stripped away.

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